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Strategic Business Development Consultant

What is a Strategic Business Development Consultant (SBDC), and Why is it Imperative that You Hire one Right Now for your Business? 

Strategic Business Development Consultants are Problem Solvers! 
They are generally responsible for helping companies to identify business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions.

With these responsibilities, their position plays a crucial role in any company's growth and success.  

A Strategic Business Development Consultant is hardworking, self-driven and loves searching for solutions that improve business operations?

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SBDC's have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop business plans with the assigned accounts

  • Design and develop strategic development strategies and plans 

  • Provide assistance with implementing suggested plans and strategies 

  • Oversee and examine new strategy progress and development

  • Educate, lead and supervise members of the business development team to ensure the project's achievement 

  • Conduct complex analysis in order to find new market opportunities 

  • Investigate existing products and services and compare them with competitors

  • suggest measures for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Handle business deals operations and activities 

  • Oversee the implementation of different contracts 

  • Build, encourage and maintain long-term relationships with key stakeholders

  • Create and present a detailed report for upper management

SBDC's satisfy the following requirements and qualifications:

  • Previous working experience as s Strategic Business Development Consultant for 10+ years

  • Will Have Had a Degree Study Focus in Business Administration or similar relevant field

  • A proven track record of providing actionable solutions to clients

  • Maintained a Senior C+ Level Sales Executive Level Position with Experience for 10+ years

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills

  • Outstanding communication, interpersonal and leadership skills

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • Critical thinker and problem solver

  • Extensive Network of Resources, Contacts, and Connections

  • Interpersonal Skills to create, nurture and fully support the equity in relationships

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Are you looking for an ambitious Strategic Business Development Consultant to join your team?

Call Us Now and Let's Discuss an Exact Game Plan for you and your company's projects.


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Jordan S. Walker, CEO and Director of Operations for Horizon Business Management Services, INC. located in Palm Beach, Florida. With an Extensive Career in Sales, holding multiple Senior Executive Level Sales Management positions, former Vice President of Sales for one of the Largest U.S. Toy Manufacturers, with more than 27 years experience, Jordan is able to provide his Clients with not only incredible Insight but has tremendous knowledge and problem solving capabilities. His work has been featured on Radio, Print and Film as a Sales Management and Motivational Business Consultant.

Jordan expresses to each of his clients on the importance of developing the "Equity in Relationships". It is through these relationships that opportunities will come into your life and also provide you the assistance you need when you least expect it.

Never burn bridges call all your connections active and positive and most important is to always remain positive even in a when you are surrounded in a sea of distrust and difficulty. Most entrepreneurs when they hit a brick wall in their development or they have made too many mistakes to know which way to turn for help, end up packing it in and calling it a day.

This ultimately causes the business to shut down and makes the entrepreneur believe in some way that they are no good or give up entirely. This is exactly the time to pick yourself up, take the experience as a teachable moment on what not to do and get back in the game and try, try again. Mistakes and Roadblocks are simply opportunities to Learn.


So, Why would you want to work with Jordan on your next project?
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"SBDC Strategic Business Blueprint" Insights and Secrets Revealed

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