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Welcome and Congratulations: You Have Been Cordially Invited to Participate





A Proprietary, Done for You, Fully Designed & Developed Consulting/Branding "Business in a Box" Program.

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Consultants, Coaches, Brokers, Agents, Business Owners & Affiliate Marketers, who are trying to earn income online, but are getting little to no results and are scratching their heads confused at the Why they are failing every single time. Especially those trying to sell High Ticket Products, Services, Programs and or Courses.

Finally, a Solution, a Proprietary Authority Building Branding System that turns ORDINARY Business Professionals into
Super-Hero Consultants
while instantly Super Charging their Online Business Results from the very first Day the System is Turned On!

Not only does the System Have the Power to increase Conversions on Sales of any type of Product or Service, but it works incredibly well to boost the sales of high-ticket product or services. Especially High Ticket Courses. It also has the Super-Power to build your Authority where you are not only able to Create Powerful High Commissionable Strategic Partnerships, but also able to increase buyers' overall confidence in you. Instead of you always having to chase down clients, you will now end up having clients chasing you down, begging to work with you. See for Yourself Exactly How Amazing this Truly One of a Kind Transformational Product Is!

SBDC Hero Client

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What Is the SBDC HERO?

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Done For You Professional Branding - Who Are You?
You're Going to Like the Way you Look, We Guarantee It!

One of the most powerful services that we as Strategic Business Development Consultants (SBDC's) can offer to our new clients, is our SBDC Hero Program! This Professional Done for You Service is truly Incredible and Stands All Out on Its Own as something Extraordinary.


It's difficult to even put into words just how amazing it really is, and to provide you with a glimpse into exactly how impressive our client's results are, after setting this up and integrating the SBDC HERO into their respective business model.


This is by far one of the most impressive all-inclusive "Business in a Box Programs" on the market today. There is absolutely nothing anywhere on the market that provides so many all-inclusive Labor-Intensive features all in one program.

What's so truly exciting about this program is that it incorporates, every step of the Fast Track to Success Blueprint Formula, it has 34 Plus, Industry Vital, Core, Phase One, Business Development Services all packed into one single program, and it has one of the World's most successful High Converting Gateway Affiliate Programs already integrated. It includes our Highly Profitable Three Tier License. It also integrates with our Client Favorite, our Diversified Portfolio Presentation System. Finally, it integrates with our High Ticket, Three Sixty Five, Twenty Four Seven, Fully Automated, High Ticket Webinar System. The SBDC Hero also comes loaded with over 10 thousand dollars' worth of real Bonuses.



What took us, as a company, over four and a half years of development, several hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs, 10,000 plus hours of our team of professionals collaborating together in the development and creation of, and thousands of tweaks as a direct result of all the trials and tribulations we experienced, we are so very proud to be able to introduce you to our Award Winning Flagship Service, the SBDC HERO. Which has now been made available to all of our Treasured clients. Due to its recent successes, The SBDC HERO Program has quickly grown Horizon into one of the most sought-after companies in the High Ticket, making money passively working from anywhere niche, within the Branding Industry. A Professional Level Service to be utilized by Consultants, Coaches, Brokers, and businesses who sell high Ticket Products or Services. Finally, a solution, for also those offering High Ticket Programs or Courses, which you will soon learn is a perfect match with the SBDC HERO program!

So, why is there a NEED for this type of Service?


Because of the multiple "Business Killer" problems that online business owners are facing today. Problems that they could avoid all together if they would begin with the SBDC HERO program as their foundation, right from the start?

Let's Dive in and Take a Deeper Look.


In the first few years of business, startup companies come up against a lot of different challenges. Some problems are harder than others to overcome — and, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year because of these problems.


By the end of their fifth year, 50% go under because of these problems; and by the tenth year, that number rises over 80%. It's no wonder why new business owners face their first few years of business with tremendous fear.

Despite the fact that these failure statistics are staggering, the Great News is that ...


Several Years of Trial by Fire in the trenches, experience has provided HorizonBMS with the knowledge and insights to conclude, that most of these challenges (problems), are now fixable, and avoidable with the right integrated systems and programs.


It is these "Powerful Insights" that have resulted in the Direct Development by HorizonBMS, of several unique Proprietary Systems and Programs which directly address these problems, and that provide real definite solutions.

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It is what we Designed and Developed, injecting these time-tested solutions into our SBDC Hero Program, that give our Entrepreneur Clients, the working prototype. The Strategic Business Blueprint for Achieving Success.

Lessons to be Learned through Experience
and Mistakes that
Lead to Greatness!

There are many popular sayings in the Business Development Industry that are well recognized for their didactic (teaching) messages, however, there are a few that stand out as vitally important.




"Development Costs without a Strategic Blueprint to
Follow is no Different than writing a Blank Check
which results in a Never-Ending Money Pit"

"Time is Money"


"Operating a Business without the Right Profit Margins sets
your goals unreachable like a Hamster Running on a Wheel"

"Building Your Business without Financing is like
off a cliff without a Parachute"

"Operational Costs Unchecked, Choke the Fire of Profitability"

"A Business without Differentiation is like
a Treasure Hunt without X Marks the Spot"


"It is only by Navigating through a Minefield of Mistakes
that a Blueprint for Success can be Achieved."


"Mistakes are costly, but provide tremendous insights

"Without Establishing Authority, No One will Ever Buy"

"To stay on the Road to a Million, one must Look and feel like a Million"

"If you do not control the Narrative, then someone else will"

"First Impressions Mean Everything in Business!"

"Those who fail to adapt to Innovation, pay the Ultimate Price"

"A Business without a flexible platform
is like a chameleon that can't change colors"

Current Statistics show that it is these top issues, if solutions and strategies were provided early right from the start to address these "business killers", they could in fact be overcome. The primary focus when the SBDC Hero Program was being Designed and Developed it was to address as well as provide solutions for these primary important "business killer" problems.


If you had the opportunity to meet with a prospective client (a client who could potentially purchase several thousands of dollars in services from you) for a lunch business meeting, would you show up to that meeting wearing a bathing suit, a raggedy tee-shirt, open toe sandals and your hair all messed up? Chances are your prospective client if they saw this would immediately make up some excuse why they had to suddenly leave and you would probably most likely never hear from them ever again.

Why do business owners neglect too often this most important foundational business 101 concept.


First Impressions in Business mean Everything!


One must take the time to focus on making the best first impression, this ensures you're already 50% towards a successful result. No One deliberately wants to kill the success of a business deal prior to it even getting started, however this is one of the most overlooked components and usually results in what could have been an avoidable failure. Our SBDC Hero makes you feel and look like a million dollar operation. You're going to like the way you look "We Guarantee It". In fact, we know this will ultimately improve your overall confidence, resulting in even more positive profitable deals and successful business relationships. Your clients will end up chasing you down to work with you and this will ultimately create something we like to refer to as "attraction success". You will be able to ride this "attraction success wave" to achieve your strategic goals.

Five Star Solutions

What if you could avoid having to spend the thousands of hours in Design and Development? 


What if you could avoid the tremendous out of Pocket Expensive Development Costs?


What if you could avoid all of the super costly mistakes?

What if you could run your new business, look and feel like a million, while keeping it up and running for an extremely low cost?


What if you could benefit from the exact, fully functional, working "Strategic Business Blueprint", that establishes your Authority right out of the gate, and places you on the path to generating profit right from the start?


Well, Now you can with Our SBDC Hero Program!

Now, Let's take a look under the hood, and see for ourselves what exactly is inside the SBDC HERO Core Program, that has the real power to turn "Ordinary into Extraordinary".


Let's Check Out and see what bonuses are also included with the Core Program.


Let's review what Authority Boosting Upgrades are available that Integrate Directly with and have been designed for the Core Program.


Finally, Let's Take a Look and see exactly what is the "Enhanced SBDC HERO Program" and how it can Supercharge ones overall Results.


You can find out about all of this and more below.  We very much look forward to working with you and wishing you the best of success on your SBDC HERO Journey.

SBDC Hero Client

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What's Inside the SBDC HERO

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SBDC Hero Client

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What are the BONUSES that
come with the SBDC HERO?

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Featured Bonus 


One of the most powerful ways to keep your visitors to your website engaged and excited to keep coming back to your site, is by keeping your site regularly updated and fresh with new content and visual components. We a proud to offer to all of our SBDC Hero Clients Access to our Holiday Booster Package. Loaded with Incredibly Irresistible Images and Videos to Boost Your Site's Perceptual Appearance. Just a Few Examples Below. Enjoy!

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What are the SBDC HERO
Core Program Upgrades?

(Available Inside for Existing Members)

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Featured Upgrade 


You asked for it, so we answered. August is known for many great things, and we did our best to capture all the fun and the sun in this Specialty Holiday Pack Series. Offered as part of the upgrades that are offered and that Integrate with your SBDC Hero Core Program. Loaded with Incredibly Irresistible Images and Videos to Boost Your Site's Perceptual Appearance. Just a Few Examples Below. Enjoy!

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Includes Everything in the Core Program, Including
All the Amazing Incredible Bonuses Above, Participation in Higher Commissions, Plus the
7 Incredible Powerful Enhancements Below

sbdcheroENHANCEDPROGRAM6COMPR5232023429PM (941 × 518 px).png

SBDC Hero Client

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SBDC Hero Client

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Featured Powerful Enhancement # 7

Includes a Powerful Newsletter VIP List Builder

You will have immediate access to my private number, my private scheduling bookings calendar, my private email, and multiple Bonuses worth thousands of dollars. You will also have access to my top agent discount inside, which can be used towards our company's Flagship Service, the SBDC HERO Program.

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HBMSIntellectualPropertySBDCHERO2eWHTCOMPR5232023429PM (830 x 537 px) (980 x 634 px) (1).p
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HBMSIntellectualPropertySBDCHERO2eWHTCOMPR5232023429PM (830 x 537 px) (980 x 634 px) (1).p
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What's the Real Value? 
(Newly Created Leverage)

The SBDC Hero Core Program is Valued Easily at well over $24,000.

We could offer this Program for 50% off at $12,000 and it would be a more than a Fair Deal. We then brought the price down to $10,000 and our client's reactions were incredible welcoming and positive. After long consideration and "Putting on the Gloves, battling with the Board of Directors, we finally were able to bring the MAIN price of the SBDC HERO Core Program down to $5,997. Bringing the price down to 50% of our $12,000 intended Market Value Retail Price, simply because we wanted it to be more assessable to the "just getting started" business owner.


We understood that our SBDC Hero Program was needed. Times are tough, and we wanted to offer our program at a price that truly represented our commitment to our client's success. Remember, there is a minimum of over 60 Hours of Professional Branding LABOR that goes into in every single SBDC HERO project. The Individualized Attention by both the clients private referring SBDC HERO Agent and the new SBDC HERO Done For You Specialist and Project Development Team is absolutely incredible.


We then decided we wanted to provide all of our SBDC Hero Agents with the ability to offer an additional "SBDC Discount" to their clients, of $1,500. Of Course, Only One per client but with this Discount now everyone could afford it. With the SBDC Discount the Program was available for a Limited Time Trial Price of only $4,497.00. At this Price the Program is an Incredible Deal. However, I wanted to do even better for my clients.

Here is my Special Additional Limited Time Discounted Offer that I promised up above.


My SBDC Hero "Top Agent" status, means that I'm able to offer my clients something even better. My Status allows me to offer my clients a one time additional discount of an additional $1,500. This discount can be used for purchasing either the SBDC HERO, Core or Enhanced Program. When you add in my top agent discount of an additional $1,500.00 this brings the price down to $2,997.00. This offer will not be available for long so don't delay and take advantage of this opportunity now while you still have the chance. Enjoy!

P.S. Remember, that this Service includes over 60 hours of Professional Contracted Individualized Branding Design and Development Labor. You will not find this amount of work for this price anywhere. This is a Gift!


How or why would the company do this, aren't they losing money?


Great Questions. The short answer is Yes. However, as your Partner, when you are successful the company is successful, so they make up for any initial losses down the road when your both making money together. So, it balances itself out in the end. A Win, Win Scenario! It's Horizon's confidence in your overall success, why they offer such an incredible deal in the beginning.

1794x2860 Hero Background1d.png

Manage Your SBDC HERO with Your Very Own Fully Functioning Dashboard


Now with AI Personal Assistant Inside

Special Top Agent Discount 
(Limited Time Only)

Hello, my name is Jordan Walker, and I am the CEO of Horizon Business Management Services. It gives me great pleasure to be able to introduce you to our "SBDC Hero" Program. Finally, a Program that creates the strategic leverage business owners desperately need to be highly successful, especially in the newly infused technologically advanced online marketplace. I'm even more excited to be able to offer you an opportunity to participate in our Program with complete and total access to our SBDC Hero Professional Branding Services" for a Limited Time Early Access "Discounted Price". Valued at $24,000-$56,000. This professional All in One program currently retails its Core Program to the public for around $5,997. At this price it's an Absolute Steal. However, I have been able to because of my high volume as an Official "SBDC HERO TOP AGENT" to offer to all my clients and additional Special Limited Time Discount which I have made available for your review down below.


SBDC HERO Professional Branding Program

My Regular Agent Discount is $1,500 off the SBDC Hero Program. My Top Agent Status Discount is an additional $1,500 off the SBDC Hero Program. So As a Top Agent I'm able to offer you a combined $3,000 Discount off the SBDC Hero Program which can be applied to either the Core or the Enhanced Program.
The Discount Promo Code and Instructions is Inside the SBDC HERO Webinar.

download-687x856 (3).png

$6,000 One Time Payment

w/Discount Promotional Code
$3000 Promotional Discount
Details Inside Webinar

Watch Now

Discounted Core Program
Now for a Limited Time
$2,997 One Time Payment
(Enter Promotional Code Inside

stripe1b (200 x 40 px) (240 x 40 px).png
download-687x856 (2).png

$9,997 One Time Payment

w/Discount Promotional Code
$3000 Promotional Discount
Details Inside Webinar

Watch Now

Discounted Enhanced Program
Now for a Limited Time
$6,997 One Time Payment
(Enter Promotional Code Inside)

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