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How SEO Consultant Services Can Take Your Business to New Heights

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Getting traffic to your website is vital to the success of the online portion of your business, and being online is important to all businesses. It is your way of gaining attention, showing the world just who you are, expanding your client base, and making the sales you need to keep your business rolling.


Often, people and businesses think that putting a website together and launching it is all they need to do- that somehow, traffic will magically find its way to the site. Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

Your website is in the middle of a seemingly endless sea of websites. To gain the traffic you need and desire, you must find a way to stand out in that crowded sea. While you can pay for advertisements and other avenues to receive traffic, there is a much more effective and free way to do it: SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the art of ranking high in the list of search engine results. You want to rank as high as possible- beneath the paid ads, that is- and there are a few very important reasons why:

  • Over 2 million Google searches are completed every day

  • Over 60 percent of people click on the first five unpaid search results

  • Over 90 percent of all pages on the Internet do not receive any Google traffic.

  • Google uses more than 200 points to rank websites.

  • One of the top four factors Google uses to rank websites is the number of website visits.

In short, of more than 2 million Google searches, over two- thirds choose the first five search results. Google ranks websites on more than 200 factors, one of the biggest being how many website visits you receive. Therefore, if you are not in the top five search results, you will likely receive no traffic, which you need to rank higher.

Good SEO, though, can get you in those first few results, leading to an even better ranking. Unfortunately, most business owners do not understand SEO or simply do not have the time to focus on it.

This is where SEO consultant services shine and how hiring professionals for SEO consulting can really improve your business results. SEO consulting means that someone who is skilled in the art of SEO looks into your online content to pinpoint any reasons why you may not be ranking high in the results.

From there, the professional provides advice and helps develop a strategy to improve your ranking. The depth of the service depends on the SEO consulting firm.

At Horizon Business Management Services, we are dedicated to your success. You have a business to run- let us take care of your online presence so you can manage other important aspects of your business.

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