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Horizon's FAQ's

What is Horizon Business Management Services, Inc.?

Horizon Business Management Services, is a Strategic Business Development and Management Firm that offers Multiple Business Development and Management Services. HorizonBMS offers its Services to its clients through its highly trained and skilled "Strategic Business Development Consultants".

Our Primary Specialty is Horizon's Proprietary - 33+ Core Phase I Business Development Services, Horizon's Professional Branding Services, which includes it's FLAGSHIP Service (SBDC HERO) and Horizon's "Done For You" Business in a Box Concepts Design, Development, Setup, Integration, Training, Management and Support.

We have the Tools, Resources Contacts and Connections to get Results for our HorizonBMS Entrepreneur Clients. Relationships that have been Cultivated by HorizonBMS over two decades and this is the Main Reason why we are not only a top choice but a repeat choice for our entrepreneurs who have experienced great continued success working with us. "When your Business is Built on Family Values your clients are like Family."

What is a Strategic Business Development Consultant?

Strategic Business Development Consultants are Problem Solvers! They are generally responsible for helping companies to identify business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions. With these responsibilities, their position plays a crucial role in any company's growth and success. Our SBDC's at HorizonBMS although they are "Equal Opportunity" problem solvers, they specialize in solving issues related to entrepreneurs not having enough clients, sales, or capital. They are also experts at "Acquisition Entrepreneurship" and the ever-popular, "Business in a Box" concept.

What Business Services does HorizonBMS offer its clients?

Horizon Business Management Services, Inc. offers its clients multiple different business development and management services which can be accessed and reviewed on the SERVICES" page on our Website. The Link to the Services Page can be found at the top banner on every page of the website as well as within the QuickLinks section of the Footer at the bottom of every page of the website. You may also access the Services page by clicking on the following link here. SERVICES

Where are Horizon's Offices located?

Horizon Business Management Services, Inc. is located with its primary headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. Our Main Headquarters Address is: 3225 McLeod Drive, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89121. We also have Multiple Partner Office locations around the United States in Major Business Hub locations to facilitate Meetings and Conferences with clients. Please Note: Due to Covid-19 Individual States Policies and Procedures, Horizon has integrated ZOOM "Meeting and Conference Software" and has made this technology available to our clients.

What are Horizon's Hours of Operation?

Horizon's Hours of Operations for our Headquarters are Monday through Friday, Pacific Standard Time, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Our Direct Toll Free Sales Line
1-888-862-9326 ext. 181 is available Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time, 10:00am - 7:00pm. Holidays and Weekends our HQ and Direct Sales Offices are not open, however, our After Hours Answering Service is available 24/7 365 and we do always have someone at all times monitoring communications so we never miss your Important call.

Who Does HorizonBMS offer its services to?

Horizon's Services are designed to assist all Entrepreneurs regardless of what level or industry, however, we do enjoy working with Startups, as well as Small to Medium Size Businesses. We understand the issues that these Entrepreneurs are facing, and we have immediate solutions to resolve and fix those problems. We also Love to work with Consultants, Brokers, Coaches, and businesses in the HIGH TICKET Arena who are selling High Ticket Products, Sevices, Programs or Courses.

What are the 5C's of HorizonBMS?

Horizon Business Management Services, Inc. is proud to offers it's entrepreneur clients our proprietary solutions, services and programs that all incoporate the principal teachings and formulas of the 5C's. What are the 5C's you ask? Great Question! The Business C's have had an interesting history of standard meanings throughout all aspects of different businesses and industries. At HorizonBMS however, the five C's Breakdown is specific for Strategic Business Development Consultants and constitutes the breakdown of a private passed down through the Ages "SECRET BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FORMULA". When an Entrepreneur truly understands what this formula is and exactly how it can best be integrated this ultimately results in Extraordinary achievements of success by the Entrepreneur.

CREATE - To Bring into Existence which creates the Framework that's necessary to attract others for Interaction

CONNECTION - It is through our Interactions with Others that we have the Opportunity to Build the Equity in these relationships

CHANGE - It is through our experiences with others that we are able to grow, evolve and transform

CREDIBILITY - It is our Experiences both Good and Bad that provide us with the opportunity to Gain Insights. It is these Insights that help mold our Understanding and Knowledge which inherently holds tremendous value.

COMPENSATION - It is what we Gain "ON MULTIPLE LEVELS" by Offering "OUR VALUE" while maintaining alignment with the principle of being in SERVICE to others.


Why Did HorizonBMS choose to use a "Rook" in its SBDC HERO Logo and what is the purpose or meaning of it?

The Decision to use a Rook in our SBDC HERO Logo was not a decision that was taken lightly. A lot of thought and effort to determine the best ICON that would truly describe exactly what Horizon stands for and what Horizon could do for its clients. We wanted of course to choose an Icon that represented strength but we also wanted to show the concept of leverage through patience. The expression of the power behind knowing exactly the right moment to utilize the leverage to accomplish the maximum result. Just like a Grandmaster waits to use his Rook as a central part of his ENDGAME Winning Strategy, Horizon uses its "ROOK'S" (Horizon's Proprietary SBDC HERO Program) to accomplish the Extraordinary.












What are Horizon's Seven Pillars of Entrepreneurial Success and What is Their Significance?

Every Entrepreneur Prior to Starting their Respective Business sets out with the Goal and Objective to be Successful. What usually happens is the Entrepreneur jumps headfirst, Diving Right into the Business taking Unknown Risks and Unfortunately with the same often disappointing results. It's not their fault, there is absolutely No Judgement here, since this is to be expected. Simply because there is a lack of training, mentoring, coaching, and knowledge that's not provided to entrepreneurs. We know that they are given "No Proof of Concept" Blueprint to Follow. At HorizonBMS our SBDC's have spent so much time in the trenches in their respective industries and a tapped into to exactly what works and what doesn't. They through the experiences of helping their clients to solve their greatest problems have in the process figured out how to Solve Your Problems. Part of the Reason why our SBDC's get great results is also that they apply the 7 Pillars of Success to determine the True Viability of a Business and if the Business does not meet up to this High Standard Formula, Changes are immediately made. Weaknesses are resolved and the company is set onto a new aligned path for success. It is our extensive experience that without the 7 Pillars and its Integration and Application, 95% of the Businesses that don't have this End in Failure.

What Problems do Horizon's Strategic Business Development Consultants Specialize in?

The Six (6) Primary Problems Entrepreneurs Face Today is:

#1) No Real System in Place to Generate Consistent Predictable Appointments along with a secondary system to convert those Appointments into customers or clients

#2) Not having the Right Strategic Sales Formula in Place to Increase Sales of their respective product or service.

#3) Not having a strategic business blueprint when launching, growing, or scaling one’s business.


#4) Not Integrating Technological Advancements - One must consistently update and innovate adapting to and integrating technological improvements in order to prevent loss of market share.

#5) Not knowing how to increase brand awareness at the same time while building authority.


#6) Not having enough Capital to Launch, Grow or Scale their respective businesses 

At HorizonBMS although we are an equal opportunity problem solver, we focus a tremendous amount of time and resources on solving these primary core problems.


How do Strategic Business Development Consultants help their clients to get more predictable clients?

Horizon Business Management Services, Inc, has remained at the forefront of the latest methods available in Lead Acquisition Strategies encompassing Lead Generation and Lead Conversion. If there is any type of technological or any type of advanced automation Horizon has Integrated It. We are attending the Tradeshows are regular contributors to Multiple Associations in each of the industries that we participate, and we are in Tune with the Latest Available. Incorporating technology, Strategy and Creative Design Horizon has developed its own Proprietary System for Client Acquisition and has made this incredible system available to its private clients. We were going to offer it to everyone but when we tested the platform and realized just how powerful the system really was (Proof of Concept Backed) we decided to be selective about who could get access. Horizon's private clients can now access this system.

How do Strategic Business Development Consultants help their clients get more capital to Launch, Grow, Stabilize or Scale their respective businesses?

Horizon Business Management Services, Inc. has Multiple Strategic Partnerships that have relationships with 1000's of Banks, Alternative and Private Lenders. It is through these partnerships that we are able to provide our clients with Access and the knowledge to acquire the Capital they need irrespective of where they are in their specific business developmental process.

How do Strategic Business Development Consultants help their clients solve the problem of not being able to get sales?

Horizon has one of the most powerful proprietary "Sales Acquisition" systems. This Sales Formula when applied results in a Higher Conversion of any product or service. When Integrated with Your Business Model by One of Our Horizon SBDC Experts it won't be long before your Analytics Explode with Sales. This Increase in Sales Exactly what our Entrepreneur Clients have been looking for and the Formula works so well that they end up using it and integrating it into all of their Sales Platforms.

How do Strategic Business Development Consultants help their clients solve the problem of a lack of training?

Horizon has developed a proprietary Step by Step Business Development "Training Program. This Training Program incorporates 27+ years of Real-Life Application Business Development Experience. When properly Integrated by the fully trained Horizon entrepreneur client, along with their newly acquired strategic business blueprint, all of which will be provided by One of Our Horizon SBDC Experts, it won't be long before the entrepreneur experiences a complete and total transformation of their respective business.

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