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Jordan Walker, SBDC, CFC, DMC, PBC & PMC


As CEO and Director of Operations for Horizon Business Management Services, INC., Headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, and with Offices in Premier locations around the United States, Jordan is able to provide his clients with 5-STAR Services.

Senior Strategic Business Development and Commercial Finance Consultant.


With an Extensive Career in Sales, holding multiple Senior Executive Level Sales Management positions, as former Vice President of Sales for one of the Largest U.S. Toy Manufacturers, with more than 27 years of experience, Jordan is able to provide his clients with not only incredible Insight but has tremendous knowledge and problem-solving capabilities.


His work has been featured in Radio, Print, and Film and through social media as a Sales Management and Motivational Business Consultant. Jordan expresses to each of his clients the importance of developing "Equity in Relationships". It is through these relationships that opportunities will come into your life and also provide you with the assistance you need when you least expect it.

Never burn bridges call all your connections active and positive and most important is to always remain positive even when you are surrounded by a sea of distrust and difficulty. Most entrepreneurs when they hit a brick wall in their development or they have made too many mistakes to know which way to turn for help, end up packing it in and calling it a day. This ultimately causes the business to shut down and makes the entrepreneur believe in some way that they are no good or give up entirely. This is exactly the time to pick yourself up, take the experience as a teachable moment on what not to do, and get back in the game and try, try again. Mistakes and Roadblocks are simply opportunities to Learn.


Jordan also runs the Horizon Academy, an Online Business Development Training Academy which supports Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business owners.

Jordan is the Senior Developer of several Major Product Launches. The Two most recent are the "SBDC HERO" "Done For You Business in a Box Professional Branding Program and "CryptoLikeASkyWalker" Instant Crypto Profits Next Level Training Membership Site. You can find out more about it INSIDE.

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You can schedule a FREE 15 Minute Consult, or You can Review Jordan's Executive Profile Inside!

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